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Appointment Setter / Inside Sales

Get your business on the right track with the right Inside sales and/or Appointment Setters that can help you transform your sales through digital technology, cost savings, and the ability to meet the changing client and customer preferences. 

Product Knowledge

One of the top skills an Appointment Setter/Inside Salesperson must have is an intimate knowledge of the products they’re selling. We train our Taskhelprs to get a good grasp of your products and services to help deliver a strong pitch to clients and customers alike and lead to a sale.

Professionalism and Positivity

We make sure our Taskhelprs maintain professionalism at all times while keeping an upbeat environment, radiating a sense of positivity and a relaxed approach. 

Communication Skills

It’s crucial to have good verbal and written communication skills and active listening when working as an inside sales representative.  Our Taskhelprs are highly trained to effectively communicate,  connect and make great impressions with clients/customers that will highly impact your company and its brand to generate more revenue.

Prospecting and Closing

Effectively prospecting and closing ensures you’ll have a great customer match which will effectively help with sales. We train our Taskhelprs on different professional prospecting and closing tactics that will suit your type of products/business.

Appointment Setter Job Responsibilities

Responsible for managing and processing a high volume of outbound and inbound communication following standard processes while and maintaining performance quality.

Qualify and close each outbound prospect, asking key questions that identify their business use case for our platform and ensuring they have the right equipment to ensure the best experience possible with our product

Secure an in-home meeting for a field representative by building initial rapport with a prospect and compelling them to want to know more

Book and manage appointments/meetings

Manage leads using our CRM such us moving through the pipeline, adding tags, notes, and other details to make sure the lead details are complete for the team.

Maintain and develop existing customers through appropriate personalized value propositions, relevant internal engagements, and ethical sales methods to optimize quality of, customer engagement...

Negotiate, liaise and communicate both internally and externally using appropriate methods to facilitate the sales process.

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Appointment Setter FAQ:

In a nutshell, an appointment setter is a professional who is responsible for setting up meetings between your sales team and prospective clients and ensures that these appointments are booked. In the same manner, Inside Sales representatives are responsible for sourcing new sales opportunities for your business. Once qualified leads are found, they work as liaisons between your sales team and prospective clients for further development and closure.

Appointment Setters/Inside Sales play a crucial role in helping your business succeed. 

They support a business by reaching out and understanding your clients needs and by doing so they streamline the sales process and allow your sales team to focus on closing qualified leads.

  • Source new sales opportunities through inbound lead follow-up and outbound cold calls and emails
  • Contact prospective clients who you have been unable to contact
  • Understand customer needs and requirements
  • Route qualified opportunities to the appropriate sales executives for further development and closure
  • Research accounts, identify key players and generate interest
  • Maintain and expand your database of prospects within your area of business
  • Set appointments with sales representatives for qualified prospects and ensure that the meeting takes place and is followed up
  • Encode data in your CRM 

Both appointment setting and Inside Sales involve talking to potential clients, but appointment setting gets your business and services in front of as many clients as possible by scheduling a consultation with your team and establishing the time you will be in contact with the prospect. Inside Sales is more about finding new potential clients, then passing the information on to the business to decide what their next move will be.

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